Online Registration Form

Registration Prices

5-day registration Daily Price
Over 18 60 13
6-18 and students 30 6.50
Child (below 6) 0

Meal Prices

Meals Package(up to 15th November) Meals Package(after 15th November) Daily Price Lunch Daily Price Dinner
Over 12 70 75 6 11
Child 6-11 35 37.50 3 5.50
Child (below 6) 0

How to register

1. Choose a contact person, this is the first name to be registered, who must be over 18 and will be the designated group leader

2. Start your registration by providing your surname and a password and press “Submit”

3. Now complete your own registration with your other personal details. If there are special dietary or accommodation requirements please request them in the relevant spaces on your personal details area

4. On the Summary page you can add any other member in your group/party/family (if any), by pressing “Add New Person”

5. Don't forget to register ALL children including any under 5.

6. When finished please read the payment instructions carefully

7. To confirm your booking press the “Confirm” button

8. You will receive a confirmation email of your registration

Important Registration Information

1. Please write down your booking reference and password and store securely

2. Your registration is not confirmed until you have paid – you will not receive a reminder for an incomplete registration

3. You can make changes: use your booking name and password

If you require any assistance kindly contact the event registrar:
Nadine Sayir on or on 079 038 02 038
For enquiries in Persian, Nadine will put you in contact with a Persian speaker








Data Protection Notice

We process personal information to enable us to carry out the work of the National Spiritual Assembly and fulfil our legal obligations which may include managing our membership records, providing education, offering pastoral care, managing funds and maintaining our own accounts and records, and protecting and propagating the principles of the Bahá’í Faith. Personal information which you supply to us may be shared or processed with other Bahá’í administrative bodies and will be done so in compliance with the 1998 Data Protection Act. Please see this link for the full Privacy notice: