Baha’i Events Refund Policy

This paragraph defines the refund policy of the National Spiritual Assembly for any refund of payments for events.

For most events National Spiritual Assembly will have entered into a contract with the venue for rooms and catering. This means that, unfortunately, we are not always able to offer a full refund of the amount paid, depending on when a request for a refund is received.

The following refund amounts will apply,

Cancellation request received:-

       14 Days before start of event – Full refund

       7 Days before start of event – 50% refund

       Less than 7 days before the event – No refund

Refund Process

Requests for refund should be submitted to the Finance Office, preferably using an official refund form.  Requests for refund should not go to the event registrar, however please inform the registrar that you are making a refund claim.

Refund requests will be processed after the event has finished.