Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Residents and Guests


Bahá’í Events – United Kingdom




 In the Bahá’í Teachings we are all lovingly enjoined to uphold the highest standard of conduct throughout our lives:

Be pure, O people of God, be pure; be righteous, be righteous…. Say: O people of God! That which can ensure the victory of Him Who is the Eternal Truth, His hosts and helpers on earth, have been set down in the sacred Books and Scriptures, and are as clear and manifest as the sun. These hosts are such righteous deeds, such conduct and character, as are acceptable in His sight. Whoso ariseth, in this Day, to aid Our Cause, and summoneth to his assistance the hosts of a praiseworthy character and upright conduct, the influence flowing from such an action will, most certainly, be diffused throughout the whole world.  Bahá’u’lláh

Mindful of the lofty standard and spiritual distinction to which we are called, we invite each and every participant at all Bahá’í Events, regardless of age or background, to help us create a safe, friendly, welcoming and spiritually enriching environment.  By striving at every moment to constantly keep these high standards before us, all are asked to guard consciously against letting negative or damaging influences affect their attitude, conduct and speech.  Beyond this, however, each participant should consider how he or she can actively contribute to creating a unified and loving environment that is the hallmark of any Bahá’í gathering, and is an indispensable prerequisite for all the events ultimate success.

The presence of alcohol and illegal drugs on the premises and their use are strictly prohibited.  Any individual or individuals who violate this code will be asked to leave the event immediately.  If anyone becomes aware that another person has in their possession or is using alcohol or illicit drugs, it is their obligation to inform the responsible committee or agency running the event.

 By registering you also agree to the following guidelines

  • To register immediately on arrival
  • To ensure that any children/young people in your care attend their assigned course, activities and that you will be responsible for them at all times outside of assigned classes and activities.
  • To observe all rules required by the host venue, such as those regarding smoking, noise and curfew.
  • To observe all relevant Bahá’í laws.
  • To understand that if you are deemed unable to adhere to this code of conduct, you may be asked to leave
  • To understand that any children or young people for whom you are responsible are unable to adhere to this code of conduct you may be asked to arrange for them to leave

By registering, all members of your party agree to abide by the code of conduct and the above guidelines and give consent to the use of images in official photographs (you must indicate if otherwise). We reserve the right to cancel your booking if anyone in the party does not agree to the code of conduct and these guidelines. The contact person is the default group/party leader and is responsible for adhering to the National Assembly guidelines on Safeguarding Children (if any children are included) and for all members of this group and their well-being during the entire event.