Data Protection

Data Compliance

We are required to collect the personal information of all attendees to our residential events for a number of legitimate reasons. These include but are not limited to the following
– Our residential events are family based events and may hold a mix of single and dormitory accommodation. Therefore we must ensure that appropriate allocation for single sex sleeping arrangements are made out side of family groups.
– The contractual obligations with the hosting organisation requires we provide the age ranges of the attendees.
– The types of courses available to each attendee will be dependent on their age range and having the appropriate level of cover from responsible DBS checked adults for children & youth classes to the adult programme sessions.

In delivering children and youth sessions the names and age ranges will need to be processed for the suitable teachers to deliver the courses. Where medical information is provided it is freely done so by the attendee on the understanding that the information is kept confidential and will be used to protect the attendees vital interests and maybe used for the purposes of preventative or occupational medicine by a health professional. The personal data is kept by the National Spiritual Assembly for six months after the end of the school, financial information will be held for the legal requirement set out by HMRC. The hosting organisation may have a separate policy as the controller of data for the host site.