National Convention 2014

Welcome to the Bahá’í National Convention information and registration website.


Venue: Best Western Park Hall Hotel, Park Hall Road Charnock Richard, Chorley,


The National Spiritual Assembly is pleased to inform you that National Convention this year will once again be at the Best Western Park Hall Hotel in Chorley, near Wigan. In recent years the numbers attending Convention have been increasing annually, and it is the hope of the Assembly that even greater numbers will attend the event this year.  National Convention is a pivotal and inspiring event in the annual Bahá’í calendar, during which the 95 delegates elected from across all regions of the UK participate in consultations on the affairs of the community as well as the election of the National Spiritual Assembly for the following year. It is a time of great fellowship and joy, where near to 1,000 believers gather to share in the spirit and participate in the activities that surround the core of the event.

Located just north of Wigan, the venue is reasonably central for the whole of the UK, with road access via the M6 or M61.

As well as the delegate consultations and beautiful devotionals, there are programmes for children running until 18:00 each day and a junior youth and youth programme.  Bahá’í Books-UK and an array of institutional and other exhibitions will be featured. (Selected extracts from National Assembly letter 20 December 2013)

Summary Convention Programme (times are approximate and are subject to change without notice)

Friday 25 April


11.30 Registration opens

14:00 Opening of Convention

15:00 Session 1

18:00 Dinner

20:00 Session 2

22:00 Close Day 1

Saturday 26 April


09:30 Session 3

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Session 4

20:00 Session 5

22:00 Close Day 2

Sunday 27 April


09:30 Session 6

12:00 Close of Convention