National Convention 2017 Information

** National Convention is open to registered Bahá’ís only **

Attendance of non-Bahá’ís at Conventions

The National Spiritual Assembly has sought the guidance of the Universal House of Justice regarding the attendance of non-Bahá’ís at National and unit conventions and has received the following reply dated 9 January 2012:

Your email letter dated 2 September 2011 concerning the attendance of individuals who are not Bahá’ís at National Convention has been received at the Bahá’í World Centre and referred to our Department for response. We can confirm that attendance at unit conventions and the National Convention is limited to members of the Bahá’í community.

It is important to be aware, therefore, that non-Bahá’í family members and friends of the Faith may not attend National or unit conventions. This includes both the Convention sessions and the surrounding activities. Thus for National Convention it will not be possible for non-Bahá’ís to register for the event…

(The National Spiritual Assembly, extract from a letter dated 26 January 2012)

Important Notes:


Please bring your Bahá’í credential card with you as this is your proof of identity and will act as your Convention badge.

Local Transport

There are frequent bus services that run from Hanley bus station and stop right outside the hotel site. Bus numbers 21, 34 and 34A run every 10 minutes. Ask for Waterworld which is next door to the hotel.  There is no bus directly from the railway station but bus numbers 23, 25 and 23A run from the railway station to Hanley from where the bus service that runs past the hotel can be caught. There are also taxis available from the railway station. The journey time is around 10 minutes.

Dining in the hotel

The hotel will provide lunch and dinner at moderate prices.Lunch is £8 for 2 courses, dinner is £15 for 2 courses.


Delegates and attendees staying at the hotel – breakfast included.

Anyone coming to the hotel for breakfast can do so – the cost is £10 for buffet style breakfast per person.

Lunch and dinner

IMPORTANT: If you wish to have lunch and/or dinner at the hotel you must buy a voucher from the hotel reception by 10am for lunch and 1pm for dinner on the day of the meal. This voucher must then be presented when taking the meal. If you do not have a voucher you will not be able to have the meal.

Special dietary requirements are available e.g: gluten free, diary free, nut free, vegetarian.

The hotel chef has asked that these are requested at the time of buying the voucher.

Lunch cost:

Sandwiches, chips and soup or salad = £7.00

Sandwiches chips soup and salad = £8.00

A buffet style lunch will be served on Saturday 29th April from 12-1.30pm.

Dinner cost:

2 course carvery:  £13.00

(with selection of salad): £14.50

Bar Menu

It is also possible to purchase food and drinks from the general bar menu at the cafe bar.

Dining outside the hotel

The hotel is located in an area where there are other restaurants and fast-food outlets,such as Subway and McDonalds all within walking distance serving a variety of choices.

Parking at the hotel

All friends parking at the hotel need to enter their number plate registration number onto a screen in the hotel at reception or by the bar. Not registering the number plate will unfortunately result in an automated fine.