Sale of Goods

Sale of items at Bahá’í events

In line with the policy of the National Spiritual Assembly, all participants wishing to sell items at Bahá’í events will need to apply for approval through an appointed Task Force.

“All items must be reviewed or already have been reviewed by the relevant NSA review panel before they can be sold. Please contact Margaret Appa for review of Audio visual items, details below.”
(from a letter by the National Spiritual Assembly 27 January 2014 published via UK BAHA’I NEWS EMAIL SERVICE)

Erica and Margaret
erica at
margaretappa at

You will receive your reply in a timely fashion and the organisers will advise you of the facilities available for displaying the items.

We provide this service on a first come first served basis and strictly subject to availability of space.

Please note that if you intend on bringing items to sell at any event you will need to inform the co-ordinators at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the event. Contact details for each event are available on this website.

The organisers of these events will try their utmost to accommodate any requests for this activity. However, space is limited and they may not be able to accede to this request on the grounds of space or venue restrictions.

The organisers will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage and will only provide a room for use at exhibitors/sellers own risk.

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