Unaccompanied Young People


Young people under the age of 18 can attend the School without a parent. However, we require an adult attending the School on the days when the young person is attending to act as his/her guardian. This guardian will take first responsibility for the young person’s safety, behaviour and adherence to the Code of Conduct. The guardian must be present at the School at the same times as the young person.

Everyone under the age of 18 must be registered as part of a group.

The group leader will assume responsibility for all registered in this group or party.

All children ages 4 – 17 must have a completed and signed Parental Consent Form.

Kindly download, complete, sign and post it directly to the school registrar, or bring with you to the event -(please do not email).

You can download the forms in PDF format via this link

If you find this unclear, please contact the event Registrar.

These guidelines come from the National Spiritual Assembly and its Office for Safeguarding Children. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar.

  1. Under 18 registering with own family or close relatives
    • Must be part of family group
    • Download and fill Parental Consent Form to be filled by parent/legal guardian and bring to the school and submit at registration.
    • Temporary Guardian/group leader must be aged 25 or above (unless otherwise agreed through the registrar in writing).
    • All family/relatives guardianship arrangements are considered private and the organisers cannot be responsible for them.
  2. Under 18 NOT accompanied by members of their own family/ close relatives
    • Must register under a group/family approved by the parents/legal guardian.
    • Must inform the Registrar of this arrangement by email and may be subject to approval.
    • Parental Consent Form must be filled by parent/legal guardian and brought to the school.
    • We require that a temporary guardianship form be exchanged between the parties for their own protection. This can be downloaded here. Please bring with you to the school and keep with you at all times. You will be asked for it at registrations.
    • The organisers will consider all such arrangements as private and will not accept any responsibility for them.
    • The group leader will assume all responsibilities for anyone under the age of 18 registered in his/her group. In this case, the group leader must be at least 25 years of age (unless otherwise agreed with the event registrar in writing).

It is the responsibility of the parents to find a suitable guardian for their children.

Child Protection Officers:
First contact point for any children, junior youth or youth with any concerns or problems. We will identify a designated person through the Registrar.

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