Vision of Bahá’í Summer Schools

“The Guardian cherishes the hope that at the termination of your school this summer, every one of the attendants will have derived such mental and spiritual benefits, and acquired such fresh enthusiasm to serve as will enable him, upon his return to his local community, to labour with a determination and vigour that will excite the envy and admiration of his fellow-believers, and stimulate them to great heights of consecration to the service of our beloved Cause.”

All Bahá’í summer schools are once again events that are open to all, providing the space for reflection on spiritual themes alongside the opportunity to recharge and energise spiritual and physical batteries.

The aim of this year’s school is to encourage the Friends to invite others, in order to continue or to begin a conversation on how together we can transform communities.

Firstly, this will involve preparation when inviting others by orientating them beforehand around the elements needed for positive community building.

Secondly, it is important to see the school as part of a sequence, rather than a ‘stand-alone’ event by being ready to invite those that attend the school into activities on returning home and to accompany them.

The National Assembly has therefore decided that this year’s Summer Schools will apply some of the rich learning from the Youth Conference. This learning includes the importance of the period of preparation beforehand, with collaboration among individuals, cluster agencies, and institutions to ensure that as many participants as possible were given the opportunity and support to attend; the joyful atmosphere that pervaded the conference; and the energy and spirit of service it injected in cluster after cluster when the conference ended.

The learning from the Youth Conference also included the effectiveness of the soul stirring workshop materials, which had been developed at the World Centre. Following this example, the National Spiritual Assembly has decided that the morning workshops for adults and youth in all the Summer Schools will be based around themes and materials used at the youth conference.

At the heart of the school there will be 4 core courses that will be complemented by opportunities for participants to explore and experience artistic and creative activities that further enrich the devotional character of the school. The school, in its ethos and programme, will be centred on Bahá’í principles such as service, love, equality and an independent search for truth.

Download the letter from National Spiritual Assembly to all believers re. summer schools (pdf)