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Welcome to the Southern Summer School, Ardingly, registration website for 2018!

Sunday 12th to Friday 17th August 2018

We are looking forward to joining with all those attending to create a joyful, energetic and loving Summer School that leaves us feeling inspired, renewed and ready to serve with greater intensity during these upcoming important cycles. In the words of the Guardian, written in October 1947,

“Summer school is, indeed, a wonderful experience, for at the present time it is the only institution that affords the Bahá’is of England an opportunity of all living together, for however short time, as a community, and this and the spirit it engenders, has a very inspiring affect”.

We are hoping that all friends attending will participate in the success of this event with service to each other, by sharing skills and having fun and fellowship together.

Theme of the Summer school: This year the theme is A Period of Special Potency reflecting this time between the two bicentennial celebrations of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh and the Bab and the spiritual impetus it brings to all that we do.

Evening Programme: We have a very exciting evening programme planned which includes performances by the Turbans and Jeff and Michaela Smith, a film and a dramatic presentation.
Please be aware that numbers for the evening programme are limited and priority will be given to registered participants.

Venue: The setting for the Summer School is Ardingly College a small and beautiful venue that the Bahá’i community has used in the past, and which has plenty of sports facilities.

Accommodation: We have a limited number of ’en suite’ single rooms which will be prioritised for older participants and those with mobility difficulties. Most of the other rooms have single, bunk and cabin beds, and there are a few dorm style rooms with up to eight bunk beds, which will be allocated to larger groups, and large families. Please write to the registrar if you wish to be in a dorm room with another family group (e.g. your best friend�s family). Bedding is provided but please bring your own towels.

Full Board: When you register for the full period of five days, included in the cost is the accommodation, courses, additional activities and all meals beginning with the evening meal on Sunday 12 August and ending with lunch on Friday 17 August.

Day visitors: Within the cost are two meals, lunch and the evening meal, access to the course you choose, all the facilities for that day and priority over evening guests for the evening programs.

Duration: Full benefit will be experienced when attending for the full five-day period of the Summer School and we would encourage full time attendance. Please see course descriptions carefully as some courses are restricted only to participants who are registered for the five days.

Refreshments: This will be provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon. It is our intention to provide a caf� in the afternoon and early evening for drinks and snacks. Open drinks are not allowed in the classrooms, so we suggest that each person brings a reusable bottle for water. Please note that all the residential houses have kitchens so also feel free to bring along your own refreshments.

Facilities: For afternoon sports activities, we will have use of a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor courts and extensive school grounds. Please bring any sports equipment e.g. rackets, balls etc. as the school will not provide these. Our sports coordinator is planning Bah��� Olympics (for all ages and abilities) for one afternoon after sessions end, so please remember to bring your trainers (or a fold up chair if you are just spectating).

Choir: If you wish to be involved in the Summer School choir, please email

Prices and payments: All payments are to be made on line. The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United Kingdom has agreed to subsidise the cost of attending this event for those who need this support, to encourage universal participation and to ensure that costs are not a hindrance to you attending.
If you decide that you need such support, please select the relevant option in the form below (i.e."Subsidised Price" rather than "Full price"). When you select the option, the price will automatically be updated to reflect the subsidised amount.

Please note we operate on a ’first-come-first-served’ basis!


PRICE PER DAYFull BoardDay Visitor
Child (10 and older)£35£25£20£12
Child (5 to 9)£28£20£15£5
Child (under 5)freefreefreefree

The registration period will close on 22nd July 2018, or earlier if capacity is reached.

Courses and Programme:

Plenary sessions will be held every morning for all adults in the school:
Summer School Courses (listed below) � these will be run for 3 hrs per day. Please choose one course that you will follow throughout your stay. All participants aged 15 and over can choose a course to attend which must be indicated when you register.

Please note that some courses are not available to day visitors or participants who need to come and go during the week.

Summer School Courses
  • The Life and Ministry of the Báb (For youth, all week participants and day visitors)
  • Dawnbreakers - (For youth, all week participants and day visitors)
  • The World Order of Bahá’u’lláh - (Only for all week participants including youth)
  • Mashriqu’l-Adkhar (For all week participants and (limited number) day visitors)
  • The Kitáb-i-lqán - (Only for all week participants)
  • The Individual, the Institutions and the Community (Only for all week participants)
  • This Human Life (Only for all week participants who are 18 years and above)
Click here for course descriptions.

Institute Course options:
  • Ruhi Book One, in English and Farsi
  • *Ruhi Book Three (Refresher)
  • *Ruhi Book Five (Refresher)
  • Ruhi Book Eight, Unit One
  • Ruhi Book Eight, Unit Two
  • Ruhi Book Eight, Unit Three

  • *Ruhi Book 3 refresher and Book 5 refreshers are for participants who have previously studied these courses and now wish to serve as children's class teachers or junior youth animators. If you wish to do either of courses, then please ensure that you have an up to date DBS certificate and your name is on the National Assembly's Accredited Children's Tutor list. The minimum age to apply for a DBS check is 16. Please contact the Office of Safeguarding Children coordinator ( for further guidance.

    NB: You are asked to make your choice carefully.

    JUNIOR YOUTH PROGRAMME: 12-14 year olds

    CHILDREN'S CLASSES:4 to 11 year olds

    Children and Unaccompanied Young People

    These guidelines come from the National Spiritual Assembly and its Office for Safeguarding Children.

    Please note that all children under the age of 18 must bring to the school a completed Parental Consent Form even if they are attending as a day visitor. Children attending the school without their parents must be accompanied by the designated guardian and bring a completed Guardianship Form. It is the responsibility of the child’s parents to find a suitable guardian for their children. Both forms are available from the Downloads page. You will be asked for these forms when you arrive at the school. Without them you cannot be registered, will be turned away and escorted off campus. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar.

    Child Protection Officers

    Child Protection Officers are the first point of contact for any Children, Junior Youth or Youth that have any concerns or problems whilst attending the Summer School. The Child Protection Officers will be identified to the young people as part of the registration process on arrival.


    Please read all of the below before attempting to register

    1. Choose a contact person, this is the first name to be registered, must be over 18 and will be the designated group leader.
    2. Select your residence status - Resident, or Day Visitor (non-resident).
    3. Choose your course; If the Course you would prefer is full, an alternative will need to be sought. Kindly note we may also need to reassign your course due to circumstances beyond our control.
    4. Complete all required sections for each attendee.
    5. If there is anyone under 18 in your group, complete all relevant sections.
    6. Download, print, fill-in and sign the Parental Consent Form for each person under 18 and bring with you to the school.
    7. If there is a member of your group under 18 who is not a family relation then download the Guardianship Form to be completed and signed by the parent/legal guardian and bring with you to the school. You will be asked to present it upon arrival during school registration.
    8. Anyone aged 4-14 will be automatically be assigned a class.
    9. Check the information summary after you submit (discrepancies will cause delays in your booking going through)
    10. Email the Registrar if you need any information.

    Booking closes 22nd July 2018 or sooner if capacity is reached.


    In order to help facilitate and enhance the existing charm of a friendly, intimate and learning Summer School, and in line with fostering a spirit of service, accompaniment and skill sharing that will be encouraged throughout your stay, volunteers are needed for the following:

    • Welcoming people to Summer School at registration (and showing them to their accommodation)

    • Ushering for sessions and meal times

    • Supervision and activities for children during plenaries, etc.

    • If you play and are able to bring a musical instrument which could contribute to a devotional or a separate activity, also please check the relevant box during the on-line registration.

    Bahá’i Bookshop:

    The Bahá’i Bookshop will be available throughout the Summer School period (apart from the last day).

Make Payments on Existing Booking.

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