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This winter there will be an opportunity for some intensive study of the Ruhi materials. The training will take place from 27 December - 3 January at the Britannia Airport Hotel, Palatine Road, Wythenshaw, Manchester, M22 4FH..
A spiritually charged atmosphere will be created enabling you to fully engage with the study and prepare you to serve your community and play your part in achieving the goals of the five-year plan.

It's not just for youth! Anyone who wishes to move through the sequence of courses is welcome to attend.

Courses on offer.

Reflections on the Life of the Spirit:

Developing the capacity to read and mediate on the Bahai Writings and apply them in your life. Strengthening the understanding that life is not about the changes and chances of this world, but it’s true significance is the development of the soul. Develop the skill to visiting homes to share and stydy prayers. (Book 1) Note this book only runs for 3 days and finishes on 30 December.

Arising to Serve:

Learning about the joy of teaching, and acquiring the ability to introduce Bahai ideas into a conversation. Develop the skill to visit a few families and share the deepening themes. Develop the skill of visiting homes to share and study prayers. (Book 2)

The Twin Manifestations:

Gaining spiritual insights into the significance of this Day and the promise it holds for humanity. Learning to narrate the story of The Bab and gain an appreciation of the potency of His short and dramatic ministry. Learning to narrate the story of Baha'u'llah and gain an appreciation of the magnitude of the spiritual forces released by Him. (Book 4)

Releasing the Powers of Junior Youth:

Exploring the immense potential of young people and to appreciate the significance of providing them with an environment conducive to their spiritual empowerment. (Book 5)

Teaching the Cause:

Strengthening your understanding the spiritual significance of teaching, becoming familiar with some of the approaches and methods of personal and collective teaching campaigns. Designing your own personal teaching plan. (Book 6)

The Covenant of Baha’u’llah:

This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in study and service to appreciate 'the pivot of the oneness of mankind is nothing else but the power of the Covenant.' You will be developing an appreciation for ‘The almighty Covenant, the like of which the sacred Dispensations of the past have never witnessed,’ and it is ‘one of the distinctive features of this most mighty cycle.'(Book 8)
Note that Book 8 is offered as two separate units, 1 and 2. Participants can select unit 1 or unit 2 or both.


Arrival and registration: Thursday 27 December at 2pm. If doing Book 8 Unit 2 only then arrival is 30 December at 2pm.

Finish:The event will finish at lunchtime on Thursday 3 January. If doing Ruhi Book 8 unit 1 or Ruhi Book 1, only then will you finish on 30th December.

Accommodation: This is offered in en-suite twin rooms and the price includes all meals from dinner on the day of arrival through to lunch on the day of departure. There are a very limited number of single rooms available for which there is an additional charge. These will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Prices: The cost of a sharing room for each person is £262.50 for 7 nights full board, or £112.50 for 3 nights full board. The price for Non-Residents is £15 per day.
The National Spiritual Assembly and the Training Institute for England are anxious that cost does not inhibit access to training therefore there are Subsidised prices as follows:-
For Adults over the age of 30 years it is set at £25 per day so for 7 nights full board £175 or £75 for 3 nights full board.
For Youth between the ages of 15 - 30 years the price is set at £15 per day full board so for 7 nights full board, the cost is £105 or £45 for 3 nights full board.

Please note that Ruhi Book 8 Unit 2 will run over 4 days. The full price for that course for Adults is £150 and Youth £60. The subsidised prices are £100 full board for Adults and for Youth £60.

There are a very limited number of single rooms the cost of which are £50 per day, £350 for 7 nights full board or £150 for 3 nights full board. Again there is a Subsidised price as follows :- £37.50 per day £262.50 for 7 nights full board or £112.50 for 3 nights full board and for Ruhi Book 8 Unit 2 for 4 nights, £150.

If you would like a single room: NB CONTACT THE REGISTRAR FIRST, DO NOT PAY!

There is a charge for the Ruhi Book you will using and taking home of £2 which will be collected at the point of registration.

Sharing: during the booking process please name the person you are willing to share with

New Years Eve: The conference facilities are not available for our use on this evening. Participants will be taken to a Baha'i home to celebrate the 19-Day Feast and transport will be arranged.

Life of Service: During your stay we hope you will experience what a Baha'i way of living feels like. That means everyone will seek to be of service one with another. We hope you will enjoy this experience and can fully participate in it.

Under 18s

IMPORTANT: Any under 18 year old wishing to attend must have a guardian attending with them. The young person, their parents and the Guardian must be in contact with each other so that any relevant medical or dietary requirements and all contact details are shared. The Guardian is responsible for the wellbeing and the behaviour of the young person throughout the event, ensuring that they adhere to the rules and engage with the training at every session.
No under 18 will be admitted to the event unless signed parental consent and guardianship forms have been submitted to the registrar in advance.

We are sorry, registrations for this event are now closed

You can still make payment on an existing booking as shown above


John Butterfield

Registrar email:

Data Compliance

We are required to collect the personal information of all attendees to our residential events for a number of legitimate reasons. These include but are not limited to the following - Our residential events are family based events and may hold a mix of single and dormitory accommodation. Therefore we must ensure that appropriate allocation for single sex sleeping arrangements are made out side of family groups. - The contractual obligations with the hosting organisation requires we provide the age ranges of the attendees. - The types of courses available to each attendee will be dependent on their age range and having the appropriate level of cover from responsible DBS checked adults for children & youth classes to the adult programme sessions.
In delivering children and youth sessions the names and age ranges will need to be processed for the suitable teachers to deliver the courses. Where medical information is provided it is freely done so by the attendee on the understanding that the information is kept confidential and will be used to protect the attendees vital interests and maybe used for the purposes of preventative or occupational medicine by a health professional. The personal data is kept by the National Spiritual Assembly for six months after the end of the school, financial information will be held for the legal requirement set out by HMRC. The hosting organisation may have a separate policy as the controller of data for the host site.